Wake Up!! The 3 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Things Done



Let me start this very first post off by saying if you have landed here at Sawdust & Fabric, Welcome and do hang around.


It is well within my qualifications to begin with this topic because I was and in some ways still am the professional.  Visions of beautifully crafted furniture, room makeovers, starting a business would fill my mind only to shoot them down by all the reasons it couldn't happen NOW.

To me it had to be all or nothing. There was never enough time, definitely not enough money, and lastly I wasn't skilled enough.  In this I want to put myself out there with those who are where I have been, and still struggle with at times, and those who are stepping out and moving forward but could use a little help and encouragement from time to time.  Let me share with you what it took for me to get past that. so lets start with

#1 ALL or NOTHING.png

Time and time again throughout my life, I've always been one to give it my all. There became this since of pride in the notion Go Big or Go Home. Or, if it could be done all the way, then why start.  Two ideas that I used as an excuse to never start.  I'm not sure at what point I took that mindset on. However, it was early.  Whenever an idea emerged that needed things I didn't have nor could get at that moment, it was a no go until all my ducks were in a row and lined up.  After years of not seeing any of these ideas or visions take form, I decided it was time to do things differently. Not that it was simple and automatic, but slowly I began to make a plan and make a budget  and then things started to take physical form. Of course once it was started I have to finish it. Now, I'm adopting the mindset that I can give my all with the little that I have to start with. This brings us to

#1 ALL or NOTHING (1).png

The same root issue is the reason I never had enough time nor enough money, No Planning.  Saving money was a thing I did easily when I was single. However, it never reached the level of habit because I was a situational saver. If I wanted to go on a trip then, I would buckle down and put aside the money.  If I wanted something bad enough, then I would save for it. Once My husband and I were married and had kids we began working on an emergency fund but other areas of needs and wants we didn't consider (don't judge me, we are growing).  Not because we didn't want to. We just couldn't see past the bills beating the door down.  After years of doing the same thing we decided to become planners.  So when it came to launching Sawdust & Fabric, a plan was developed and executed.  Now has the plan changed several times? YES.  Were all my dates and deadlines met? NOT A ONE  

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As for any of you reading this and you have ideas upon ideas or just one DIY project or starting a business, begin with a Plan and then Execute. Plan how to save the money along with a plan on how to get some done here and there. That may en-tale cutting out some TV or social media that is unrelated to the plan. 

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Lastly lets tackle that intimidating thing for some, called SKILL. I am a strong believer of you can do anything that you set your mind to do. Not being qualified is changeable. No some may have to work a bit harder than others or a little longer. However, not being good at something is an opportunity to be great at it.  This is the age of YouTube and Blogs, etc. There is nothing that can't be learned. Just start where you are and grow from there. I took one beginners class at a local tech school on upholstery. I couldn't afford the intermediate and advanced class, so I enrolled in the school of YouTube.  Similar situations for woodworking and sewing.  

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