Welcome and thank you for subscribing or just passing through to see what SF is all about. I am Shankevia Mitchell, the creator of this space on the web.



I am a wife to my on and off again college sweetheart. A mother to 3 beautifully different and amazing children. If were asked to sum myself up in 3 words, they would be.....

Extrovert, Stuborn, Determined, Caring, Dreamer, Etc..... Oops!!!! Three words is not nearly enough.

I am a woman with so many ideas and dreams that it's hard to keep up with them all. Tell me I can't do something and watch me get it done. With that being said, I have the Attention Span of a 2 year old at times. Loads of ideas come and before I've finished the first or become really good at it, usually boredom sets in or a distraction from the next idea. My desire is to become a better version of me in every aspect of my life, so that everyone that I encounter may experience the best me possible. To do that I must challenge myself to become disciplined and focused in order to be successful at whatever I set out to do.


Sawdust & Fabric has been created basically as a results of my need to focus and form a discipline. So that I may become better at my woodworking and upholstery skills. Also, to become a successful entrepreneur.

I've always had a burning desire to be a business owner. However, I never new exactly what that thing was that I would do even if no one payed me too.  I experimented with several network marketing groups. It never felt like mine(because it wasn't). Nor were they promoting things that I would promote even if I wasn't getting paid.

It wasn't until after I quiet my job, that I hated, and decided to stay home with my children and home school, that I discovered my creative side. It began with quilting. As a way to carry on a tradition of my grandmother's. Fabric then became an obsession of sorts. Then, as a way to peap the boys interest outside of academics, I bought them a wood project set from home depot. the boys were not interested much, however my own interest was aroused.  Soon after, I took a re-upholster class and it was on and popping. Wood and fabric became my two favorite things. As I began to flourish in woodworking and as an upholsterist(I made that word up), It was clear to me that I had a long way to go in order to be really good and produce quality products.  By nature I do first and ask questions later. For example, I would bring home items that needed assembling, start putting it together and read the manual over halfway through.  As my woodworking and upholstery projects became more complex, it was evident that this approach would not get me far. Sawdust & Fabric is my way of being held accountable to myself and to those who may choose to follow me on this journey.



You can expect me to be authentic about who I am and where I am on this journey. You should expect me to say or do something incorrectly often. However, I'm Sure My husband or one of you kind readers will make me aware of it. As situations like arise, I'll adjust if needed, grow from them and keep it moving. It Definitely can be expected for me to completely mess a few projects up. Those seem to be the best learning moments for me. Since, I've turned my hobby into a business, paying attention to the details has become even more important. It's probably only because I have taken this step in  starting my own business that I'm motivated to discipline myself to grow in this way. So join me as I journey towards greatness.

Let's have fun growing as individuals, building stuff,  & making things beautiful with fabrics!!!